A Wee One…

Inspired by Bealtaine Cottage…

When I was a wee one, all i wanted to do was live in such a garden, a forest. It was as if my life depended upon it. And, in a way, it did.

For, within the gardens, the meadows, the pathways of the forest, one’s true soul, one’s imperative, is likely to be found.

The cities are all pleasure and bombardment. There are the seekings, the socializings, the vibrancy and the incessant, enervating vicissitudes. We are bewitched.

But i have been told by Grandmere, whom, for all those wild, raucous travels around the world to all the most urbane of locales, none were as priceless and meaningful as the forests and meadows of her childhood.

Had she only known, she said, had she only known.

She would have saved considerable funds.


Photo Credits:
Colette’s BealtaineCottage.com


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